Kiss was the band that turned a generation of kids — including me — into rock & roll obsessives.  Love ’em or hate ’em, Kiss became huge stars after the release of the “Destroyer” album in 1976.  This is one of my favorite songs on the album, and features some off-the-wall moments like circus instruments, odd time signatures and a mysterious guitar solo.  Your uniform is leather, your power is your age– set the world on fire, baby!

“Flaming Youth” (Ace Frehley/Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons/Bob Ezrin) Copyright 1976 Cafe Americana, Inc/Kiss Songs, Inc (ASCAP)/All By Myself Publishing Co Ltd. (BMI)

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2 comments on “Kiss – “Flaming Youth”

  1. Rhett Christopher Jul 5, 2023

    Great analysis – I have always loved those elements of this song as you pointed out.
    Destroyer has been a favorite album of mine since I was a kid. I loved listening to it in it’s entirety.
    Destroyer had an atmosphere to it that I really loved.
    Great job Brad!