Utopia is back together for a reunion tour this Spring (2018), so there’s no better time to revisit one of their great songs. I think this era of Utopia pretty much invented “Progressive Pop” and this song is a great example of their songcraft and musical skills. See you on the road to Utopia! (And don’t forget to share this podcast with friends, leave comments on iTunes, etc. It really helps!) 

“The Road To Utopia” (Utopia) Copyright 1980 Fiction Music/Utopia (BMI)

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2 comments on “Utopia – “The Road To Utopia”

  1. john powhida Oct 6, 2023

    really enjoyed the real man analysiis. listening to road to utopia now. i shared it with rundgren radio FB page.

    • Hey, thanks a lot! We’ve also covered Utopia’s “Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw”, Todd’s “Cliche” and Todd-produced tracks like XTC’s “Supergirl”, so check those out, too. Thanks for listening & for your feedback and support!