Writing a hit song about writing a hit song?  Genius!  This song has everything a great pop-rock song needs– a memorable melody, great chorus, smart lyrics and killer vocals.  This song always makes me smile.  Don’t forget to share & leave comments!

“Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” (Eric Carmen) Copyright 1974 C.A.M. USA Inc.

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5 comments on “The Raspberries – “Overnight Sensation”

  1. Charlie Nov 12, 2020

    Great review Brad. I was searching about this song and I found a picture of John Lennon with the Raspberries t-shirt.

    • Brad Page Nov 12, 2020

      Thanks, Charlie! The Raspberries were great, an underrated band. Doesn’t surprise me that Lennon was a fan, because The Raspberries were carrying on in their footsteps. I’ve got a John Lennon episode coming up soon– hope you check it out!

      • Charlie Nov 15, 2020

        Thanks Brad. I’m looking forward to listen a George Harrison one someday…
        He will always be my favourite musician and hero.

        • Brad Page Nov 15, 2020

          There’s a George Harrison episode in the works, you’ll see it sometime in the first half of 2021.