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Deep Purple – “Highway Star”

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest live albums of all time, Deep Purple's Made In Japan. This is a truly live album-- no doctored-up, overdubbed fixes here, just a killer band…Read more

Rush – “The Camera Eye”

In 1981, Rush had planned to release a live album, but riding a wave of good vibes & inspiration, they changed their minds and decided to record an album of new material instead.  It turned…Read more

5 More Favorite Guitar Solos

Back on Episode 25, we listened to 5 of my favorite guitar solos; here on Episode 125, we revisit that idea and listen to some more great guitar moments. As before, I’m not saying these…Read more

Bangles – “Tell Me”

The "Paisley Underground" scene birthed a lot of great bands in the '80's, but few went on to be as commercially successful as the Bangles. That success came with a price, as they were pulled…Read more
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