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1971 – The Year That Rock Exploded

Inspired by David Hepworth's book, "Never a Dull Moment: 1971 - The Year That Rock Exploded" (and the forthcoming documentary based on his book), we take a quick look at many of the great albums…Read more

Foghat – “Honey Hush”

Let's give some overdue respect to a band of 4 great players who knew how to rock. Here's a guitar-driven update on an old blues classic, from one of the best live albums of the…Read more

Ohio Players – “Fire”

The Ohio Players paid their dues for 15 years before their first #1 Top 100 hit, but by then, they were on fire (pun intended). Built on an incessant groove that won't quit, they brought…Read more

The Language of Rock

What's the difference between a "riff" and a "lick"? Between "reverb" and "slapback echo"? We try not to get too technical on this podcast, but occasionally some listeners will get stumped by some of the…Read more

Deep Purple – “Burn”

I'll happily go out on a limb and say Deep Purple was THE hard rock band of the '70's. They could shift from monster guitar riffs to complex classical-influenced passages to outright improvised jams-- all…Read more
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