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The Kinks – “Dead End Street”

"Dead End Street" marked a shift in Ray Davies' songwriting. His songs began to take on a more UK-specific focus. And if not political, it was at least more socially pointed, as he sings about…Read more

Television – “See No Evil”

Television came out of the CBGB's scene in New York (in fact, they were the first rock band to play the legendary club), but they never fit the "Punk" or "New Wave" label. They were…Read more

Spirit – “Mr. Skin”

Spirit had big ambitions for their 4th album, Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, but when the album was released, it didn't fare well on the charts, and even received some bad reviews. In the end,…Read more

Fanny – “Cat Fever”

When it comes to boundaries, Fanny faced them all: racial, gender & sexual discrimination were all obstacles that stood in their way. Fanny may be forgotten by many today, but they were one of the most…Read more

Bloodrock – “D.O.A.”

Welcome to our 2nd Sort-Of-Annual Halloween episode! This time we're exploring the gory details of "D.O.A." by Bloodrock, one of the most gruesome songs to ever make the charts. In predictable fashion, a song almost…Read more

XTC – “Making Plans For Nigel”

Keyboardist Barry Andrews was out and new guitarist Dave Gregory came onboard for XTC's 3rd album, Drums And Wires, as the band's sound palette expanded. Written & sung by bassist Colin Moulding, "Making Plans For…Read more

Be-Bop Deluxe – “Sleep That Burns”

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Bill Nelson combined Prog Rock, Glam and Art Rock into the unique sound that was Be-Bop Deluxe. They were musically adventurous, but always maintained a strong sense of melody and a memorable hook or…Read more
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