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The Kinks – “Shangri-La”

In the novel Lost Horizon, Shangri-La is the mystical, hidden paradise of legend. In the The Kinks song, it's the name given to the humble home of Arthur, the main character in Ray Davies' concept…Read more

The Who – “The Real Me”

The Who released a string of classic albums, but many consider Quadrophenia to be their best. It's certainly one of their most ambitious. Pete Townshend wrote the songs, but the stunning performances by Roger Daltrey…Read more

Led Zeppelin – “Achilles Last Stand”

Sure, everyone knows "Stairway To Heaven", but "Achilles Last Stand" may be Jimmy Page's greatest masterpiece. Layers of guitars intertwined & augmenting each other in a virtual guitar orchestra, with stellar performances from the rest…Read more

Motorhead – “Ace Of Spades”

If Motorhead is to be remembered for one song, it would be "Ace Of Spades". The title cut from their most commercially successful album, a track that encapsulates Motorhead-- fast, loud, defiant. Let's dig into…Read more

1971 – The Year That Rock Exploded

Inspired by David Hepworth's book, "Never a Dull Moment: 1971 - The Year That Rock Exploded" (and the forthcoming documentary based on his book), we take a quick look at many of the great albums…Read more

Foghat – “Honey Hush”

Let's give some overdue respect to a band of 4 great players who knew how to rock. Here's a guitar-driven update on an old blues classic, from one of the best live albums of the…Read more
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