My name is Brad Page, the host & producer for the “I’m In Love With That Song” podcast.  What makes me qualified to host a podcast about music?  Well, nothing, really, except that I’m passionate about music and I know enough about audio to edit together a half-decent podcast.  What more do you need?
I kinda had a “blind spot” to music when I was a kid– I was mostly interested in comic books.  The first album I ever bought was “The Beach Boys Christmas Album“.  But the 2nd album I purchased was Kiss “Rock & Roll Over” in 1976 and from then on, it was all about the music.
My first album.
Around the same time, I became interested in religion and essentially melded the two together– rock & roll became my religion.  My first attempt at playing an instrument was the drums, but quickly moved over to the guitar when I found one at a local flea market for $10.  A month later I was in my first band, despite the fact that I couldn’t play a chord.  I still play regularly today, 40+ years later; I’d like to think I’m marginally better than I was back then.
1978 1986 2002
Of course, I’ve been devouring music since before I picked up a guitar, and consider myself a fan first.  I’ve got thousands of CD’s and albums, a library of books on rock music, a collection of music-related DVD’s, and over 20 guitars.  And once I discovered there was such a thing as rock ‘n’ roll podcasts, I became an avid listener.  After a year or two of listening to these great podcasts, I decided to start my own.  So here we are.
With this podcast, I’m on a journey to discover what makes my favorite songs work so well; what does it take to make a good song great?  Join me & we’ll find out together. I’m not an expert, a professional, or any kind of virtuoso; just a guy who takes his rock & roll seriously and loves talkin’ music.  Hope you find something to enjoy in these podcasts.
In the podcast studio, 2021