A Todd Rundgren album can vary between pure pop to bossa nova, guitar rock to wild experimentation; like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get with the next Rundgren album. Released in 1989, the Nearly Human album is Todd at his best, a pop masterpiece of well-crafted songs performed impeccably, live-in-the-studio. “Parallel Lines” is one of the strongest cuts, initially written for an off-Broadway musical based on the script for a never-produced 3rd Beatles movie.

“Parallel Lines” (Todd Rundgren) Copyright 1989 Fiction Music, Inc./Todd Rundgren BMI

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2 comments on “Todd Rundgren – “Parallel Lines”

  1. Dean Blake May 29, 2021

    Really enjoyed this. I signed up for your podcasts, my very first time and followed u on Twitter

    • Brad Page May 29, 2021

      Thanks so much, Dean! I appreciate the feedback & I hope you find more episodes to enjoy! There’s a few previous episodes on Todd & Utopia, check those out.