The best British band from the ’60’s that never hit the bigtime in America– Small Faces. Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan would become rock legends due to their future projects (Humble Pie, The Who, The Faces, etc) , but it all started for them here. Small Faces recorded a number of psychedelic pop gems, but “Tin Soldier” may be the pinnacle. Shall we have a listen?

Small Faces – “Tin Soldier” (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane) Copyright 1967 EMI United Partnership Limited

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4 comments on “Small Faces – “Tin Soldier”

  1. Charlie Aug 3, 2020

    Thank you so much for this episode. After listened to it, I started to listen all the works from the Small Faces and I cannot stop it. What a surprise this amazing band. They were ahead of their time in many songs. And the video of Tin Soldier with P P Arnold is addictive. Thanks a lot.

    • Brad Page Aug 3, 2020

      Thanks! Glad the episode turned you on to Small Faces. One of my favorite bands, so much great music. Hope you keep listening!

      • Charlie Aug 12, 2020

        I keep listening every day and I can say that now they are one of my favourites too. So many styles and great quality of songs from musicians that shone later. Thank you again and if you can present more Small Faces and Badfinger, I”d appreciate.

        • Brad Page Aug 12, 2020

          Thanks again, and I expect that we’ll return to the Small Faces again on the podcast. Probably Badfinger, too. I’m a big fan of both bands.