When The Shazam tumbled out of Nashville in 1994, they should’ve landed as one of the biggest rock bands in America. Instead, they merely left us with 5 fantastic albums of hard-rocking power pop that lodged them on my list of all-time favorite bands. If you’ve never heard them before, here’s your chance to discover their greatness with a song called “On The Airwaves” – certified one of the Coolest Songs In The World.

“On The Airwaves” (Hans Rotenberry) Copyright 1994, 1999, 2000 Clut Guckle Music (SESAC)

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4 comments on “The Shazam – “On The Airwaves”

  1. Charlie Jun 4, 2023

    First time listening to this podcast. It featured the Shazam, which is a highly underrated rock band. Great breakdown of their song, On The Airwaves, who knew so much production put into the composition! The Shazam rocks on every song they play. Loved the format of the podcast and will listen to other Love That Song episodes!!

    • Thanks for listening, Charlie, and for your feedback! The Shazam were a great band & I’m glad I got to feature them on the podcast. If you like Power Pop, please check out some of our previous shows, and stay tuned for new ones as we’ve got more episodes coming, including an upcoming one on another overlooked Power Pop band. Thanks again!

  2. Rhett Christopher Jul 4, 2023

    I love The Shazam!
    Hans is a really cool dude!
    Besides Paul McCartney, Hans is right up there with great songwriting (at least for me).
    Brad Jones has been the best producer for The Shazam (in my opinion).
    I can’t wait to hear a deluxe version of Godspeed – what a great album!
    That was my first album I bought by The Shazam – I was a new visitor to amazon.com at that 1999 time and Amazon suggested that album to me based on whatever I was searching for – Zombies, Beatles etc ..
    After I bought Godspeed I had to find EVERYTHING by The Shazam – Hans had me hooked so to speak!
    I am glad The Shazam are continuing on!
    Long live Hans Rotenberry and long live The Shazam!
    I would love to hear more song analysis by The Shazam on this podcast!
    I liked the voice and delivery of Brad on the podcast – I have never heard this podcast before and Hans tipped me off to this – so thank you Brad for featuring a criminally underated band like The Shazam who have made consistently great albums through the years.
    Still waiting for their next album “Doomsday Hotel”!

    • Thanks, Rhett, I really appreciate that. Yeah, The Shazam were GREAT and Hans is kind of a genius. Thanks again & hope you keep listening.