This year’s Bonus Holiday Episode features a lost Soul classic: Clarence Reid’s “Winter Man”. We’ll just kick back and listen to this vintage soul nugget, as well as saying thanks to all of you for listening. Happy Holidays!

“Winter Man” (Clarence Reid) Copyright 1974 Sherlyn Pub, Inc.

Join me and my special guest Mike Wagner to celebrate the holidays with his song “Christmas With You”, as performed by Sheila Swift. It’s time for some end-of-year thank-you’s as well. Happy Holidays!

“Christmas With You” (Michael Wagner & Sheila Swift) Copyright 2018

It’s our annual Bonus Holiday show– This year, we’re celebrating Hanukkah with a song that also doubles as a great Power Pop song any time of the year. Happy Holidays, everybody!

“How Do You Spell Channukkahh?” (Adam Gardner & Dave Schneider) Copyright 2005 Gyro Spit Music/Jewshi Music (BMI)

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