A great hard rock & power pop band that somehow fell through the cracks in the late ’70’s, Starz had all the ingredients to make it big– a band of seasoned professionals with a charismatic frontman, a big-name manager, and a record deal with Capitol Records… but while bands like Foreigner, Styx & Boston sold millions of records, Starz just couldn’t break thru to a larger audience.  Too bad, because these guys had some great rock tunes.  Here’s one of their power-pop tracks that serves as a great example of how to write a catchy, memorable song.

Special thanks to the RockNPod Expo for connecting me with the guys in the band.

“She” (Peter Sweval, Joe X. Dube, Michael Lee Smith, Brendan Harkin & Richie Ranno) Copyright 1978 Starzongo Music, Inc/Rock Steady Music, Inc/ASCAP

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2 comments on “Starz – “She”

  1. Teddy Saunders Sep 6, 2023

    Love it!! I graduated in 76 and was in college when Attention Shoppers came out!! Loved that album along with Violation!! So many Great memories!!

    • Thanks! I like this album a lot, too. We’ve actually covered 2 songs from this album– we dug into “X-Ray Spex” in Episode 46, check that one out if you haven’t already. Thanks for your feedback!