To say Rush has a devoted fan base would be an understatement. I know, because I was a card-carrying member of the “Rush Backstage Fan Club” back in the ’80’s. Perhaps no Rush song connected so directly with their fans as “Subdivisions”. On this episode, we celebrate Neil Peart with a deeper look at this fan favorite.

“Subdivisions” (Music by Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson, Words by Neil Peart) Copyright 1982 Core Music Publishing

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2 comments on “Rush – “Subdivisions”

  1. Awesome work here. I was 12 when I was first introduced to Rush just as “Signals” came out. I’ve been a lifelong fan ever since and this song is my favorite to this day for all the reasons you mentioned in your podcast. I felt like you were speaking directly to me while I listened. Thank you! RIP Neil Peart

    • Brad Page Mar 7, 2020

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’m glad the episode resonated with you, that’s what I’m aiming for with each show. Thanks for letting me know, it means a lot to me. Keep listening!