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4 comments on “Pete Townshend – “The Sea Refuses No River”

  1. Thank you! Love this record. Organized a performance of this record to benefit an addiction recovery non profit on Cape Cod in 2019. I reunited my old band and performed “Chinese “Eyes” in its entirety in sequence. A truly daunting and gratifying experience.

    The concert was shared by The Who and Pete on all their social media and on the Jumbotron at Fenway Park the night before.

    This record has lived in my internal playlist since its release in 1982.

    It was fulfilling to pay tribute to this record and raise awareness for those in need. All with Pete’s blessing. Thank you for this. Cheers


    • Thanks for the feedback, Sal, I love that you shared this. That’s great, and a testament to how powerful this music is. I’m grateful you took the time to listen to this episode and I hope you keep listening! — Thanks, Brad

  2. I grew up on The Who and Townshend’s solo work (my dad was a big fan). This song is one of my favorite songs ever. In fact I used These are Thesearefuses as my Twitter name. Any time I’m feeling ashamed and depressed I listen to it.

    • Thanks so much for sharing. The Who are in my all-time Top 5 artists and I always find something moving & inspiring when listening to them. This song in particular is something special. I’m glad you enjoyed this episode.