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2 comments on “Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – “Sister Change”

  1. Ryan Anthony Jan 1, 2022

    Brad, I enjoyed your “Sister Change” episode, but if I had been in the room when you said “let’s do Mahogany Rush,” I’d have blurted out:

    “It has to be a two-fer! From the 1980 album ‘What’s Next’: Frank’s own ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame’ followed by Bo Diddley’s ‘Mona.’ Those two songs are joined at the hip and should never be played separately.”

    This choice would give you a chance to explain to your young listeners that there was no brick-and-mortar (or leather-and-Spandex) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the time; Frank was not mocking, or sucking up to, Ahmet Ertegun or Jann Wenner.

    I hope your podcast thrives, grows, and lives on for many years, so that you can get away with circling back and spotlighting deserving musical acts more than once. Thanks, and happy New Year!

    Ryan Anthony

    • Hi, Ryan. Thanks for your feedback. We may cycle back to Frank Marino again sometime, you never know. There are quite a few artists I’ve covered more than once on the show. But I have a loooooong list of songs I want to get to– so many, in fact, that I’ve already got a year’s worth of episodes recorded and I keep adding to the list. So I hope you keep listening as I’m sure we’ll get to more songs that you’ll appreciate. Thanks again!