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6 comments on “Deep Purple – “Burn”

  1. Charlie Jan 16, 2021

    Great song of a great album. Coverdale voice is one of my favourite. Burn is amazing. Thanks Brad.

    • Brad Page Jan 16, 2021

      Thanks! So many great DP tracks, it was had to pick one.

    • Simon Ford Oct 30, 2023

      Always great to hear a show looking back on the Burn album by Deep Purple. I was pleasantly surprised to hear our hosts feature Glenn Hughes’ debut solo album ‘Play Me Out’. I remember waiting and hoping that Glenn would return,which he eventually did in 1994. The 80’s,which Glenn often says he “doesn’t remember “. Hughes/Thrall promised so much, and yet their musical chemistry was never fully developed. I hope someone writes a book on Glenn’s musical output and career. His biography obviously featured many stories of his ‘dark days’ ,to the detriment of the glorious music Glenn Hughes has created. I worked my way back (to the bone) to Trapeze and wasn’t disappointed .. great hybrid of Rock,Soul and Funk.. It was a blast to listen to this show.

      • Thanks for your feedback! We also discussed a Glenn Hughes solo track, “Crave”, on a previous episode, so look for that one. I’m a big Glenn Hughes fan and I expect we’ll be covering him again on this show. Thanks for listening.

  2. One of my top four rock songs of all time: Burn, Smokin by Boston, Still Waiting by Sum 41 and Feuer Frei by Rammstein!