I’ll happily go out on a limb and say Deep Purple was THE hard rock band of the ’70’s. They could shift from monster guitar riffs to complex classical-influenced passages to outright improvised jams– all within one song. Built around a trio of top-of-their-game players (guitar, organ & drums), with a series of distinctive, powerful singers & bassists — the lineup changes so iconic they became known as Deep Purple Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, etc. This episode, we’ll break down the classic Mark III track, “Burn”, and listen to all the ingredients in this witch’s brew.

“Burn” (Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Jon Lord and Ian Paice) Copyright 1974 Purple (USA) Music

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6 comments on “Deep Purple – “Burn”

  1. Charlie Jan 16, 2021

    Great song of a great album. Coverdale voice is one of my favourite. Burn is amazing. Thanks Brad.

    • Brad Page Jan 16, 2021

      Thanks! So many great DP tracks, it was had to pick one.

    • Simon Ford Oct 30, 2023

      Always great to hear a show looking back on the Burn album by Deep Purple. I was pleasantly surprised to hear our hosts feature Glenn Hughes’ debut solo album ‘Play Me Out’. I remember waiting and hoping that Glenn would return,which he eventually did in 1994. The 80’s,which Glenn often says he “doesn’t remember “. Hughes/Thrall promised so much, and yet their musical chemistry was never fully developed. I hope someone writes a book on Glenn’s musical output and career. His biography obviously featured many stories of his ‘dark days’ ,to the detriment of the glorious music Glenn Hughes has created. I worked my way back (to the bone) to Trapeze and wasn’t disappointed .. great hybrid of Rock,Soul and Funk.. It was a blast to listen to this show.

      • Thanks for your feedback! We also discussed a Glenn Hughes solo track, “Crave”, on a previous episode, so look for that one. I’m a big Glenn Hughes fan and I expect we’ll be covering him again on this show. Thanks for listening.

  2. One of my top four rock songs of all time: Burn, Smokin by Boston, Still Waiting by Sum 41 and Feuer Frei by Rammstein!