The Zombies only released 2 albums during their prime, so how did they get into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?  Because one of those albums is a bona fide classic: Odessey and Oracle is widely considered to be one of the greatest albums of the ’60’s, holding its own against classics by The Beatles, the Stones, Velvet Underground, The Who… by virtually any measure, it’s an iconic album.  And it was a complete flop when it was first released, along with its first single, “Care Of Cell 44”.  But over time, it’s been recognized as a true masterpiece.  Let’s give The Zombies their due and take a deep dive into their orchestral pop magnum opus, “Care Of Cell 44.”

Here’s a link to the article I mention in the podcast:

It’s definitely worth checking out!

The Zombies – “Care Of Cell 44” (Rod Argent) Copyright 1967 Verulam Music Company Limited

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2 comments on “The Zombies – “Care Of Cell 44″

  1. Charlie Nov 6, 2020

    Thank you again Brad. I never paid attention in the Zombies but after your X-ray of this song, I loved it so much.

    • Brad Page Nov 6, 2020

      Thanks, Charlie. “Care Of Cell 44” is a great track. If you like it, you should check out the whole “Odessey & Oracle” album because the whole album is a psychedelic masterpiece.