George Harrison emerged from the rubble of The Beatles breakup with all cylinders firing. After years of working in John & Paul’s shadow, George had amassed a stockpile of great songs. It all burst out in 1970 on his triple-album set, All Things Must Pass. One of the standout tracks was “Beware Of Darkness”, a warning to everyone (including himself) to be wary of corrupting influences. Featuring an all-star band, wall-of-sound production, and the introduction of George’s slide guitar playing, which would define his sound for the rest of his career. Let’s listen to the song many consider George’s masterpiece.

“Beware Of Darkness” (George Harrison) Copyright 1970 Harrisongs Ltd

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4 comments on “George Harrison – “Beware Of Darkness”

  1. Charlie Jun 15, 2021

    Thanks a lot for this one, Brad. As a huge fan of George I really appreciate it. Take care.

    • Brad Page Jun 15, 2021

      Thanks, Charlie. I think this episode turned out pretty well, it’s one of my favorites. Such a great song.

      • Charlie Jun 16, 2021

        I’m suspect to say anything but this is my favourite episode. And even that I have tons of bootlegs, I never had paid attention to the xylophone….
        Thanks again Brad. You made me very happy today.